In Tuscaloosa, Alabama, you don’t exactly expect the red carpet rolled out for LGBTs, but this alleged bold ejection from a local bar underscores the ease with which discrimination can and does occur.

Joseph: “I was in the back of the bar, Catch 22, and we were picking music by the jukebox and the female owner of the bar just kicked out my friends for dancing ‘too gay’…She proceeded to tell me that she was the owner of the bar and that if I’m to continue coming to her bar, that it’s not OK to be open because it’s not a gay bar and it never will be. And then she added that gay people disgust her.”

The folks at Catch 22 declined to comment other than to claim the incident didn’t occur, and that Joseph and his friends are welcome to return at any time.

Of course I’m now curious as to what defines “dancing too gay” in Tuscaloosa.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding