The future Mrs. Rich Lowry. Now ribbed for his pleasure…

Desperate for a date to take to John McCain’s inaugural ball, manly man Ace O’ Spades goes cruising for one of those imaginary PUMA wimmins. But first he asks the question that keeps men up all night  (and not in a good way):  "What do PUMA’s want?"

A few PUMAs here on the site now. Maybe more lurking.

I have to ask because I don’t know — I really don’t know precisely how Democrats think, and I’m not being snarky or insulting; I have vague guesses, but I don’t know — what can we all on the right do better to grab up more of your kind?

Not you guys per se, as you’re pretty anti-Obama, but the sorta-PUMAs or disaffected Democrats still inclined to vote for Obama.

What can McCain or Palin do? What can anyone on the right do? Are there, for example, right leaning politicians or commentators you actually trust to a significant degree who would be particularly persuasive making the case?

Is the Wright Stuff good for PUMA-esque Democrats, or does it not work? I dunno.

Is there some aspect of Obama you guys particularly despise which we’re not emphasizing enough?

What are McCain and Palin’s weak spots? If it’s something obvious like abortion, can you think of anyway to mitigate this turn-off?

Perhaps he should take this up with former Clinton supporter and Pamela Harriman manqué Lynn Forrester Bottomsniffer Dumbledore de Rothschild over a bottle of Mouton Rothschild Pauillac 1990.

I understand it goes well with Play-doh and bacon.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....