So, do you think this is messaging that will have an impact?

Ad: “Should the law treat people differently?”

And what about this one — “Lies – Don’t Eliminate Marriage For Anyone”


While we can sit here and critique ads, if you are in central California and want to make an impact, here is some information from Blender Fritz:

I just found out that local churches in Salinas, CA are planning to hold a “Traditional Family Values Parade” on Sunday, October 19 at 2:30pm from the 300-100 blocks of Main Street in Oldtown Salinas.

Local organizations, such as the Monterey County Democrats and No on Prop 8, are beginning to organize a peaceful protest.

Please help spread the word to people in Central California. We need to have a large turn out to support No on Prop. 8. This will be covered by as many as three local TV stations. It could get statewide attention.

For more information, people can contact:

Monterey County Democrats

Online: http://montereycountydemocrats…

Phone: 866-679-3367

No on Prop 8


Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding