Caribou Ken, In The Conference Room, With A File

Marcy just blew a giant hole in Team Palin, right at the waterline.

On Jan. 4, 2007, a month into the Palin administration and his tenure as public safety commissioner, Mr. Monegan was called to the governor’s Anchorage office to meet Todd Palin. Mr. Palin was seated at a conference table with three stacks of personnel files.

That, Mr. Monegan recalled, was the first time he heard the name Mike Wooten. “He conveyed to me that he and Sarah did not think the investigation into Wooten had been done well enough and that they were not happy with the punishment,” Mr. Monegan said. “Todd was clearly frustrated.”

I cannot wait for the spin to come out of the McCain damage control team.

Someone please tell me how a spouse of any public office holder has the authority to drag public employees onto the carpet and badger them over subjects that are clearly regulated as to access, while having private employee employment files at their fingertips, literally.

Tell me how Todd Palin has any authority over anything except what to bring home for dinner.

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