images-1.thumbnail.jpegYeah baby. The last time the US Government gave AIG a wad of cash infusion, this is what happened:

Less than a week after the federal government committed $85 billion to bail out AIG, executives of the giant AIG insurance company headed for a week-long retreat at a luxury resort and spa, the St. Regis Resort in Monarch Beach, California, Congressional investigators revealed today.

Well, guess what? Yep, after the sterling performance of AIG the last time, the government has decided to give AIG another shot of vacation incentive:

The Federal Reserve will provide as much as $37.8 billion in additional liquidity to American International Group Inc.’s regulated insurance units after rescuing the company with an $85 billion loan last month.

They’ll be flying down to Rio this time baby! It’s Carnival for the AIG!

UPDATE: Just so you know what kind of style these high flying, hard working, AIG Execs are accustomed to, Ari has the lowdown and dirty:

$200,000 for Rooms
$150,000 for Catered Banquets
$7,000 for Golf
$23,380 for Spa Treatments (These are stressful times for AIG executives, they needed facials.)
$1,400 at the Hotel Salon.