scary-movie-mask.thumbnail.jpgSigh. The conflation of Hezbolah with AQ is tiresome. Hezbollah hasn’t attacked one American target in a decade and a half and have a policy against doing so. And they are very disciplined. It will not happen if Nasrallah does not give the order, and Nasrallah will not give the order unless the US gives him a good reason to. If he does, they will probably attack American interests outside the US, though inside is not entirely impossible. But unless the US decides to shell another Shia village (what caused the Marine baracks bombing, something you never, ever hear) that’s highly unlikely.

I also note that the article itself indicates that US officials have zero evidence of any links whatsoever between AQ or Hezbollah and drug lords.

Just standard terror mongering, with the DEA trying to get some of that nice hot homeland security cash. Seizures of assets must be down this month.

Ian Welsh

Ian Welsh

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