The Obama fever here in my part of NC is not everywhere in the state, and to prove it Bible drew a large crowd of Tar Heel Kool-Aid drinkers (including the fossilized Elizabeth Dole) in Greenville to continue flogging the Ayers meme, despite her partner on the ticket avoiding it like the plague last night. (N&O video):

Palin’s visit came as recent national and North Carolina polls have indicated that the Democratic ticket of Obama and Sen. Joe Biden is surging as the country reels from one economic blow after another. Obama has targeted North Carolina, which has gone for Republicans in recent presidential elections, as a potential swing state. Obama’s campaign said Tuesday night that Palin’s visit was yet another indication that North Carolina voters could have an impact.

…Palin supporters inside East Carolina University’s Williams Arena on Tuesday evening showed plenty of enthusiasm. They chanted “Drill Baby Drill!” or “USA” or “No-bama!” throughout the speech. They waved signs, wore Palin T-shirts and hollered throughout her speech. “I thought it was great,” Mike Todd, 36, a nurse anesthetist from Greenville, said after the speech. “Truthful. Honesty. Down-to-earth speech. Energetic.”

Ryan Teague Beckwith of Under the Dome noted that gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory, Dole and Burr watched the debate on Faux News with Palin at a local pizza joint, but reporters were not allowed to ask questions of Palin.

The politicos drank from two pitchers of Budweiser while they watched the debate on Fox News on the eight televisions in the restaurant. The press corps was not allowed to get close, although McCrory and Burr came over to answer a few questions. McCrory said Palin was “extremely down to earth” and was having fun on the campaign trail.

Nothing to say about how qualified she is, eh Pat? BTW, you have to read some salt-of-the-earth comments from The Base at that rally (keyboard alert):

“I just think she brings a new outside view, outside of the circle of Washington.”

— Scott Rogers, 33, a train master for the railroad in Rocky Mount

“I didn’t like McCain. I still don’t.”

— Wayne Hollenbaugh, a stay-at-home dad in Greenville who is still voting for McCain because of Palin and considers Obama “a Marxist.”

“Cause she’s the best candidate,” Terri Hollenbaugh said. “When you’re a mayor you run a town. When you’re governor you run a state. The next step is president.”

— Terri Hollenbaugh (Wayne’s wife), a Libertarian who is enamored by Palin and apparently sees amazing skilz in Bible Spice

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding