John McCain would not Shake Obama’s hand but his wife did, John might be a racist.
I forgot did John shake Bush’s hand after Bush and Rove said those mean things about John fathering a black baby? I do know that John hugged Bush later!
Is Obama worse than Karl in his attacks on McCain? Has Obama been anything less than infuriatingly respectful of John McCain?
Why won’t John look at Obama? Is he that afraid of loosing his temper?
Cindy shook Obama’s hand when John would not, lets forget racism lets say John just really really does not like Obama.

From Suz’s late nite thread where this idea started

yellowdogD October 7th, 2008 at 10:15 pm
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They shook hands after the debate. ABC has it on tape.

Ok then I’m calling it John is a racist! There is noway John could say that Obama is less qualified to be President than Bush.
Or that Obama has treated John worse than Bush and Karl Rove did!

Moderate and Independent Voters who do not like open racism because it is sooo unfashionable will be ours. African American votes will skyrocket even more come election day…if that is possible.
I expect John to have every GOP African American face today that he can get on the Main Stream Media trying to explain this away.
But does anyone care to bet that John won’t shake Obama’s hand at the next debate?
That is unless the polls show that the voters think John is a racist and that its costing him votes.
But honestly can we expect the MSM to fund a poll like that? The MSM by protecting the GOP have made them blind to unpleasant realities.



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