It looks like McCain and Palin are willing to do anything to win- including inciting fear, anger, and violence in their supporters.

As the McCain campaign has stepped up the negative attacks and smears, the audiences at their rallies are getting more and more outlandish.  Shouts of “traitor” and even “kill him“- in reference to Obama- are popping up all over the news.  I wonder where these supporters are getting this kind of anger from.

Perhaps it is from the McCain Campaign’s continued efforts to link Obama to Ayers?  Maybe Palin saying Obama “pals around with terrorists”?  Could it be every spokesperson from their campaign- and their negative ads- calling Obama “risky”?

To quote a certain Alaskan governor- You betcha.I understand negative attacks. We all expect them at this point.  Both sides fudge facts to make the other person seem out of touch or unelectable.  I personally don’t like them, but they are a part of political life.  

But these latest attacks, and the response from the crowds, take it to a completely different level.  It truly frightens me.

Maybe it’s because I’ve seen the effects of a political leader using loaded language, and the violence that can ensue, here in South Florida.  When you demonize a person or group of people and tap in to deep-rooted fears and biases, you create a ticking time bomb.  And that’s exactly what the McCain campaign is doing.  Calling Obama a terrorist, or highlighting his middle name, all with a nudge and a wink is literally lighting the fuse.

This type of dangerous rhetoric directly leads to an atmosphere of hate and violence.  Campaigns have a responsibility to act in a way that doesn’t incite these kinds of dangerous responses.  The McCain campaign is willing to not only further divide the country, but also plunge us into a dangerous and violent freefall.

And I am afraid it is only going to get worse.

Cross-posted from The Bilerico-Project