Oh, dear. Looks like Rich Lowry‘s huffing the furniture polish again. Or maybe he just couldn’t hear the debate last night through the Sarah Palin Starbursts™ underwear he was using to wipe away the flop sweat.

If McCain were running in a year when his party wasn’t getting crushed by a series of calamites [sic], he might be winning this race.

Well, Rich, better "calamites" than catamites, right?

And damn those Democrats for having a qualified, youthful candidate in the race!

If the Nobel committee had a prize for appearing plausible, [Obama]’d win it every time. He carries himself with confidence, he never appears flustered, and he has mastered his material. If he’s losing these debates on points (as I think he is), it doesn’t matter.

Somebody childproof the Lowry cleaning supplies closet. McCain’s campaign is circling the drain.



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