There’s a certain delicious irony here:

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) will focus its limited resources on just a handful of GOP-held seats, if its first ad buys are any indication.

The committee used independent expenditures to launch a trio of ads Tuesday in districts it hopes to hold in November.

It spent $2.5 million on ads to prop up vulnerable incumbents Tim Walberg in Michigan and Steve Chabot in Ohio and to save retiring Rep. Terry Everett’s Alabama seat.

The investment represents more than one-sixth of the total cash on hand the NRCC had at the end of August, according to Federal Election Commission reports and sources in the committee.

With Democrats claiming a playing field of several dozen districts, it indicates the NRCC’s independent expenditure operation will be picky with the races it feels it can affect, targeting large sums of money on them and leaving other candidates to fend for themselves.

Hey, that sounds familiar, doesn’t it? A lucky few get generous handouts, while everyone else gets, “Sorry, there’s not enough money to go around so you’re on your own. Good luck with those bootstraps!”

Of course, unlike the ordinary people getting stiffed by our government, they’ll still be rich and comfortable, and even if they lose their elections there’ll be cozy, lucrative lobbyist jobs waiting for them on the other side of the revolving door. I’m sure that makes all of us feel much better.

(h/t Peterr)