Barack Obassets

I received this in an email from Ronald A. earlier today and it looks like beagle owner Andrew Sullivan beat me to it. But here are the Bassets For Obama:


…and speaking of bassets, Fenway is fine. No teeth issues, just a periodontal infection and a $500 vet bill.

He’s back to leaping on furniture, barking, wrestling, getting under foot, and trying to chew anything that gets left out. I kind of miss doped-up docile Fenway. Things were so much more peaceful then.

Just for the record: Fenway is currently going apeshit upstairs, because he has about three days worth of energy stored up in him, and the aggravated and getting-snippier-by-the-minute mrs tbogg is attempting to"control" him. 

Fat chance.

(Added): One last thing. I have been remiss in not thanking JCfromNC for the True Crime Anthology. So…thanks. Woo-hoo! I’m still on track to get into heaven  if it turns out that bullshit story about "God" is true….

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