For those with sensitive antennae, you might have caught the subtle, but momentous change in the MSM as a result of the 2nd Presidential Debate.

I’m going to brag here (so avert your eyes if it’s too difficult to bear), but I have extremely sensitive antennae regarding the subtlety of people’s emotions.

It doesn’t matter whether I see people’s faces, hear them speak or even read their words, I am world-class in discerning emotions!

And as I watched and listened to the various representatives of the MSM on CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and PBS, I detected a sea change in their view of the Presidential Election prospects.

Prior to the 2nd Debate, these same MSM representatives tended to still call the competition between Obama and McCain as a "horse race".

No more! The subtle sea change I heard and saw in all the MSM outlets I tuned into after this 2nd debate, was that it’s over!

No more horse race! The McCain campaign was left standing at the starting gate! The nag couldn’t run no more.

This attitudinal change was present in every single person on these MSM outlets regardless of whether they were "objective" journalists or partisan analysts. Yes, this even included the Republican analysts!

Each of these folks had a simultaneous epiphany that McCain’s efforts were for naught and that he now was left to merely run out the clock.

As you watch and listen to the MSM in the coming days, see if you too can detect the subtle difference in how the MSM characterizes what remains of the campaign.

I think you will find that I’m right!