Ken Silverstein of Harper’s reports:

I’ve been told by two sources that Kazeminy has in the past covered the bills for Coleman’s lavish clothing purchases at Nieman Marcus in Minneapolis. The sources were not certain of the dates of the purchases; if they were made before Coleman joined the Senate in 2003, he obviously would not be required to report it under senate rules. But having a private businessman pay for your clothing is never a good idea if you’re a public official (Coleman was mayor of St. Paul from 1994 to 2002).

Coleman’s spokesman tried to dodge Silverstein’s direct question: Did Kazeminy buy clothes for Coleman from Nieman Marcus?

Kazeminy declined to comment.

I’ll be hosting an upcoming FDL book salon on Ken Silverstein’s new book, Turkmeniscam. Get your copy today. I’m really excited about this event because Ken’s a journalistic hero of mine. He set the standard for stalking lobbyists.

Lindsay Beyerstein

Lindsay Beyerstein