A rather revealing exchange on ‘Hardball’ last night in which Nooner tells the truth about her fetid, decaying party (ignore the BS about Nooner being undecided about who to vote for):

TWEETY: Governor Palin’s out there hittin’ him in the guts. And at the same time they’ve got this sheriff out there in a sheriff’s uniform talking about ‘Hussein.’ And meanwhile…they’re going after their donor list trying to find an Arab name on one of the checks.

NOONER: Um, guys, what you just showed–Palin [accusing Obama of befriending terrorists] and the other fellow–that’s the base talking to the base. That’s fine. It’s a little bit like Bob Dole in 1976 going out and talking about ‘Democrat wars.’

Calling Obama a terrorist? Fine. Using his middle name as a racial epithet? Fine. Combing through his donor lists looking for scary Arabs? All totally fine. Nooner not only condones all of this–she implies its what the GOP base wants. And the base apparently wants to hear that Obama’s a dirty Arab terrorist. Nice.

Greenwald summed it up beautifully yesterday:

The more they unmask themselves this way, the more smashing will be their defeat, the longer their banishment will be.

I can’t wait to see these people completely broken and humiliated. I really can’t.

Blue Texan

Blue Texan