Update Pets vote is a 6, 3 cats, 3 dogs, all on left.

I thought I would introduce to everyone my best friends.  They have been taking part in judging the debates.  They rate them from 0 to 7.  If all seven are on my bed than it rates a 7, 7 being the best.

First up is Inky.  She is actually my mom’s kitty cat.  She became part of the family 12 years.  She just wondered up to the house on day and mom took her in.


Second is Koda.  She is my kitty cat.  She became part of the family 2 1/2 years ago.  I decided that I wanted a kitty cat as I haven’t had one for a while and the puppies ended up close to my daughters.


More below the foldHere is our first puppy, Bodhi.  He was purchased from the feed store down the street.  He was one of the last they had from a puppy mill in Michigan.  He is a complete food hound.  We can’t leave any kind of food unattended or it is gone.  He is a big Love.


And then there is Bandit.  Well we couldn’t have just one puppy.  My daughters asked for another.  I had said no but they look right through me. My no lasted for less than 5 minutes.  We searched the net for another beagle and my oldest daughter located this cute guy in California. $200.00 for the puppy and $300.00 for airfare.


Here is Brandy, my daughter’s German Sheppard.  She wanted a German Sheppard so bad, she kept searching the net and located her.  She was one out of ten puppies, when we went to look at the she wouldn’t leave me alone. She was just like Take me home, I can tell you have a loving home.

Best GSD in the world Brandy

Last but not least, here are Mouse and Apollo.  The Grey one is Mouse.  I have a hard time saying no when it comes to animals.  These two guys were at the petshop part of a pet rescue.  They are brothers, rescued from a trailer that was destroyed in a tornado. They were discovered under the rubble all in one piece, just 9 weeks old.  I couldn’t say no

this one is Mouse,


here is Apollo,

apollo 1

and the two kittens together,


Well, there is my animal family.




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