Well, lets see…

The lovely and talented Casey got to spend part of her weekend in the hospital with what were thought to be broken ribs courtesy of a "tussle" in Saturday’s game. X-rays said no, just deep contusions meaning that her streak of game appearances is in doubt his week. Like me, she’s not real big on the Vicodin Express to Happyland but, as of tonight, I think the all-important "goddamit, that’s hurts!" demographic may have pushed Vidodin into the lead so, right about now, she’s probably as stoned as she would have been every night had she had gone to her second choice, UC Santa Cruz.

Back here on the mainland, Fenway (seen above modeling a kicky new scarf given to him by the nurses at the vets) seems to have developed a mouth problem. Last night the ever-observant and sniffy mrs tbogg, noted that Fenway’s breath had turned wallpaper-peeling awful which is unusual because at his age he’s moved somewhere past puppy-breath and into the "breath smells like hot" days. Later in the evening, and by "evening" I mean after we went to bed, he expressed his discomfort by walking on us while we were asleep. A half hour of sleep: walk on my chest. Another forty minutes of napping: stand on my head. Repeat all night long. Discomfort for everyone!

For his part, Beckham kept licking around Fenway’s lips/jowls, so we followed his lead (not the licking part) and it was definitely something wrong in the mouth. As with Satchmo, first thing in the morning, off to the vet we went.  Something is wrong, but it couldn’t be established exactly what it is, so tomorrow he gets knocked out for a more complete oral exam as well as x-rays. The smart money right now is on an abcessed tooth. Tonight he’s zonked out on painkillers and antibiotics and earlier I watched him walk headfirst into some cabinets which was sad/funny, but mostly funny.

Bassets are, by design, sad looking and an unhappy basset puppy with a sore mouth is like a vale of tears made hairy.

I just hope he doesn’t need braces.

Now off to bed for me to catch up on some sleep. You’ll just have to get your Sarah Palin fix elsewhere like here where we find out that Palin supporters are every bit as stupid as her and have to be shielded from ‘gotcha’ questions (like "why do you support Sarah Palin?") from the press. For such a disorganized campaign, they sure employ a lot of control freaks…



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