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Fred Wertheimer: In The Tank for McCain?

in-the-tank.thumbnail.jpgLooking at his actions of the past year, it’s hard not to conclude that self-appointed campaign-finance watchdog Fred Wertheimer is utterly in the tank for John McCain.

Wertheimer, who is a key official in the groups Common Cause and most especially Democracy 21, has been very quick to attack Obama for any campaign-finance boo-boos, real or imagined. Yet he is slow off the mark to criticize McCain — he did so in February only after we dirty hippies in the reality-based section of the blogosphere had been hammering him on this for days beforehand. This even though, unlike Obama, McCain really did break both his word and campaign-finance law.

Now comes word that the Republican National Committee, in a masterpiece of projection, is accusing Obama of violating campaign finance law. It will be instructive to see where Wertheimer stands on this, being as, aside from his February comments, hasn’t said boo about McCain’s actual and well-documented violations of FEC laws. It will also be interesting to see if the Bush appointees on the FEC, which let McCain get away with breaking their laws during the primary season, will go after Obama.

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