puddingwife fish
Puddingwife Wrasse
from the Smithsonian Institution’s Belize Larval Fish Group

OK, so you wrote your diary and now you want to find an image to illustrate your post. Oxdown is set up to use images from flickr. They can be your own photos from your own flickr account, easy enough to set up, btw, Take The Tour. Or you can use photographs posted by others, so long as you don’t infringe upon their copyrights.

Creative Commons
is a wonderful new fangled copyright setup for the little people. And it’s easy to search for photos that have Creative Commons permission. Use flickr’s advanced search, tick off your preferences; and at the bottom, check the box for Creative Commons. When you find the photo you want, at the way bottom of the page on the right, is the information on that photograph’s Creative Commons License.

But! there are also other resources on flickr that you won’t find through a Creative Commons search, such as the photos put up by our Smithsonian Institution on flickr. There’s a number of albums up all ready,  including "American Celebrations," "Native Americans," several portrait series, and the "Belize Larval Fish Group," from whence the Puddingwife came.  And surely more are coming.

OK, now that you’ve found your pic, use the right click of your mouse to bring up the menu and select "copy image location," because you need the .jpg url address to use in the Oxdown image box. (if you are on a Mac with one mouse button, you’ll use control-click "copy address.")

Go to your post, put your cursor where you want the picture, click on the "img" button, then paste in your .jpg url, and voila!

As always, Preview is your friend.

Rusty Gobe fish
Rusty Gobe
from the Smithsonian Institution’s Belize Larval Fish Group