A while back, reader Melody at my homeblog, Prairie Sun Rising, asked in an email for suggestions on how to talk to Republicans and conservatives about why it’s important, this year, to vote for Barack Obama and his message of change we need.

That’s a question that’s been raised here at FDL and in other blogs, as well, so when a friend sent me Wick Allison’s commentary "A Conservative for Obama" I sought out the source so I could share it with all of you.

The only way we are going to achieve transforming change instead of more of the same ol’ same ol’ is to persuade everyone that it is more important, this year, that we work together than that we work at cross purposes.

The rest is so much chaff. But chaff can get in your eyes and be enough of an irritant to blind people to the over-arching work that lies ahead.

So take a moment to read Allison’s commentary, and then ask yourselves: who have I been trying to reach that I haven’t yet persuaded. Maybe hearing it from one of their own will make the difference. Because this year, we can’t afford to leave any voter behind.

Prairie Sunshine

Prairie Sunshine