(H/T to Attaturk, foxsucks81, imdkrl, Leisha and the Norwegian newspaper VG.)

On November 2, 1988, Mary Mentha Andersen was 31 years old and had just married the Norwegian Dag Andersen. She was flying to her new home in Norway, but there was a big problem: The clerk at the airline ticket counter in Miami told her she had to pay $103 to ship her two pieces of luggage — which contained all of her worldly possessions — onto the flight. And that was money she just didn’t have.

She was on the brink of despair when a total stranger stepped in and said: "I’ll pay for her." A gratefully relieved Mary got his name and address and promised to pay him back once she was in Norway, which she did.

That stranger? A young Barack Obama, who himself wasn’t exactly rich at the time.

When Obama became a senator and first announced his plans to run for president, Mary wrote to him to thank him again for his kindness at the Miami airport that day. He sent her a gracious reply, which is shown in the photo accompanying the article on this story done by the Norwegian newspaper VG.

As the smears against Obama start to fly, I thought it was important to help get this story out to American audiences.

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