Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden is taking a few days off to mourn the passing of his mother-in-law:

Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden has canceled his campaign appearances Monday and Tuesday after the death of his mother-in-law Sunday.

Biden spokesman David Wade said Bonny Jean Jacobs, the mother of Biden’s wife, Jill, died Sunday after a long illness.

Jacobs was 78 and lived in Willow Grove, Pa. Wade described her as a "homemaker and avid gardener with a lifelong love of reading."

It should be noted that, at 78, the late Mrs. Jacobs is only six years older than former prisoner of war John McCain. Now it is entirely unlikely that Mrs. Jacobs spent five and a half years being tortured in a Vietnamese prisoner of war camp which might have had some bearing on her untimely death, but we do know that she had the good fortune to live in a country where women outlive men by slightly over five years.

Not that any of the math or actuarial tables mean anything.

Just. Well. You know…




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