Under the cover of anonymous voting and news cycles dominated by the bailout, the Senate and House unanimously passed the Child Safe Viewing Act of 2007, also known as S.602. This bill was sponsored by Commerce Committee member, Senator Mark Pryor of Arkansas. A portion of the text which may be cause for alarm in: SEC. 3. EVALUXAMINATION OF ALTERNATIVE PARENTAL CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES.DVANCED BLOCKING TECHNOLOGIES.

(a) Rulemaking ProceedingInquiry Required- Not later than 1290 days after the date of enactment of this Act, the Federal Communications Commission shall initiate a proceedingnotice of inquiry to consider measures to encourage or requirexamine–
(1) the useexistence and availability of advanced blocking technologies that are compatible with various communications devices or platforms.; and
(2) methods of encouraging the development, deployment, and use of such technology by parents that do not affect the packaging or pricing of a content provider’s offering.(b) Content of Proceeding- In conducting the proceedinginquiry required under subsection (a), Federal Communications the Commission shall consider advanced blocking technologies that–
(1) may be appropriate across a wide variety of distribution platforms, including wired, wireless, and Internet platforms;
(2) may be appropriate across a wide variety of devices capable of transmitting or receiving video or audio programming, including television sets, DVD players, VCRs, cable set top boxes, satellite receivers, and wireless devices;

Note both the House and Senate approved without an individual recorded vote.Votes on Passage (scroll down)

Oct 1, 2008: This bill passed in the Senate by Unanimous Consent. A record of each representative’s position was not kept. Oct 3, 2008: This bill passed in the House of Representatives without objection. A record of each representative’s position was not kept.

Here we go again.

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