This video, “Patriotic drunk rednecks“, is up on YouTube and, well, I just don’t know what to say except that this is an example of why Appalachia may never be fertile ground for Barack Obama voter base growth. And that’s despite the GOP f*cking over these working-class, ignorant voters year after year.

The woman in this video said she voted for Hillary Clinton, and that Barack Obama is an Arab who cannot be trusted. I don’t know whether the liquored-up state loosened her tongue or if she’d be just as candid when sober. But here it is.

bobsagetbillgates: I came home from football practice one evening and my parents were talking to our neighbors who were drunk.This is what happened……also if u think the guy in the back of the 4 wheeler looks like james hetfield or the guy in the front sounds like boomhaur from king of the hill, tell so in a comment. I live in southeastern kentucky FYI.

A highlight, about 2:30 in: Man 1: “You better watch, he’s on the nigger side too.”  Woman: “Black ain’t got nothin…” Man 2: “No matter what you say, she likes them nigras.”

Some of the comments accompanying the video make me weep for this country. See a few below the fold. BTW, we’ve got our own problems here in the Tar Heel State, despite Obama holding a slim lead over McCain at the moment. That’s after the jump too.

I agree with her 100%, its time we do something against those sand niggers. We kill them and invade there countries and all they do is complain. WE ARE TRYING TO FUCKING SAVE YOUR LIVES.

i tell ya i fucking hate em. And we must kill them and take there oil as a gift for all the? trouble we have been to. And then we have a fucking sand nigger as a candidate for president? fuck that!

Mccain for 08!

wow. i hope these people are passed out drunk on nov. 4… i am all about loving my country and everything… BUT GOOD GOD there are TOO MANY ignorant people living here. Calling them retards is an insult to mentally disabled people.

No wonder I pose as a Canadian while traveling overseas.

They are scum because they’re racist drunkards who are uninvolved with the country and do not know anything about the candidates they support. How could someone possibly vote for Hillary and not support Obama when his policies are damn near identical to hers? These fucking idiots only see what’s on the surface, like skin colors and BIRTH names…I guess it’s not enough that Hillary backs Obama fully. Makes you wonder why they’d even vote for Hillary to begin with.

I agree that they’re probably not scumbags. Ill-informed, ignorant, racist, and many other things, but I don’t get the impression that they’re scum in the sense that, say, the KKK are scum or Karl Rove is scum.

That’s where I stop agreeing with you. The rest of what you wrote rivals these rednecks in ignorance.

There are people like that in any country. Americans just don’t give a flying s**t about hiding then. 🙂

white power!!! send the hills to? the middle east and they will make the rag heads think twice before they go on a virgin run.

why are they scumbags? oh they are not as well educated as you almighty are. if they were blacks speaking against having a white president all you s**theads would be saying oh the poor underpriveleged southern folks. it is sad how the government has left them out of the loop with poor schools and no jobs in their little communities. get used to it cause if bootlip obama gets elected this whole country is headed for a financial disaster.


Obama was in Asheville, NC today, an oasis of Blue in an otherwise Red part of the state. About 20 miles away is Hendersonville, and look at what a local real estate agent decided to place on his business sign:

Someone actually called the realtor up:

i just talked with this guy for over a half an hour. his position, and i paraphrase, is that obama is egotistical and will sell out america to foreign interests for more power. the guy’s worldview is shaped by too much fox news, especially the coverage of reverend wright. we talked about the history of the republican party selling out the american people to corporate interests, and how mccain will do far more to help the rich than help the american worker. he was receptive to what i was saying, but is quite ignorant. he thinks that this is going to create reasonable debate and create dialogue. i encouraged him to find a specific policy of obama’s, or a situation or quote where obama was being elitist or concerned only about his own self interest and then criticize that. i hope other people will call him and not react to the sign, but try to explain a little bit about how the world works. i’m convinced that if enough reasonable, intelligent people call him and try to tactfully explain the situation and that his knowledge is only shaped by what media conglomerates want him to hear, he might even switch sides. somebody needs to explain the nuances of socialist economics to him and tell him that obama isn’t going to make this a communist country. it’s an uphill battle people, but i think you can do it. if anybody has a decent conversation with him, email me at jgild84 at hotmail dot com and tell me about it.

Here is a clip of Obama’s speech in Asheville. You can read a transcript of the entire speech here, click on “Barack in Asheville, NC: “Putting the health of our families before the profits of our insurance companies.”

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding