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God endorses McCain for President

Americans United

The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), a Religious Right legal group in Scottsdale, Ariz., urged pastors to defy federal tax law by endorsing or opposing candidates during a so-called “Pulpit Freedom Sunday” Sept. 28. Under the IRS Code, churches and other 501(c)(3) tax-exempt groups may not intervene in elections

About 33 churches took part, and as of this past Friday Americans United has urged the IRS to investigate at least seven of these lawbreaking religious organizations.

What the ADF had to say:

As part of the effort, pastors participating in Pulpit Freedom Sunday on September 28, 2008, will deliver to their congregations sermons of their own that apply Scripture to the subject of candidates for government office.  The sermons are intended to restore a pastor’s right to speak freely from his pulpit without fearing censorship or punishment by the government.  By standing together and speaking with one voice, it is our hope to recapture the rightful place of pastors and churches in American life.

It is time for the intimidation and threats to end.  Churches and pastors have a constitutional right to speak freely and truthfully from the pulpit – even on candidates and voting – without fearing loss of their tax exemption.

It’s incredible the ADF makes these churches out to be victims. Sorry if the laws conflict with your insanity, tough break. Maybe they should file taxes as being mental institutions instead of churches.

And just who were these pastors endorsing anyway?  

The Rev. Dan Fisher, pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Yukon, Okla., trumpeted his endorsement in a press release issued by his church. The church release says, “After comparing and contrasting the candidates’ views with the Bible, Pastor Fisher unabashedly proclaimed that he believes Christians cannot, in good faith, vote for Barack Obama and must cast their votes in favor of John McCain.

Bethlehem Baptist Church, Bethlehem, Ga.: According to press accounts, Pastor Jody Hice “urged his congregation to vote for Sen. John McCain and to not vote for Sen. Barack Obama.”

Fairview Baptist Church, Edmond, Okla.: The Associated Press reported that Pastor Paul Blair “says he told his congregation that as a Christian and as an American citizen, he would be voting for John McCain.”

Warroad Community Church, Warroad, Minn.: Pastor Gus Booth told his congregation, “We need to vote for the most righteous of candidates. And it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure that out. The most righteous is John McCain.”

Calvary Chapel, Philadelphia, Pa.: The Rev. Francis Pultro told the congregation, “As Christians it’s clear we should vote for John McCain. He is the only candidate I believe a Christian can vote for.”

First Southern Baptist Church, Buena Park, Calif.: The Rev. Wiley Drake said, “I am angry because the government and the IRS and some Christians have taken away the rights of pastors. I have a right to endorse anybody I doggone well please. And if they don’t like that, too bad….According to my Bible and in my opinion, there is no way in the world a Christian can vote for Barack Hussein Obama. Mr. Obama is not standing up for anything that is tradition in America.”

New Life Church, West Bend, Wisc.: Speaking from the pulpit, Pastor Luke Emrich said, “I’m telling you straight up I would choose life. I would cast a vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin.”

Rev. Barry Lynn of Americans United said  

“This is one of the most appalling Religious Right gambits I’ve ever seen. Church leaders are supposed to tend to Americans’ spiritual needs, not behave like partisan political hacks. I urge the IRS to act swiftly in these cases.”

So god can’t give up the meaning of life or anything, but he will tell you to vote for McCain for president? Yeah…that makes sense… if you live in fundieland. For more info about what churches can and can’t do, check out project fair play. I hope the IRS takes action soon. Our economy could use those extra tax dollars about now.

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