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Bruce Springsteen in Philly with Video

Full disclosure, I’m a Springsteen fanatic. He’s an icon in my life, and the good he does for the poor is example of how the man walks the talk. Yesterday in Philly he played at a voter registration rally for Obama and played a very nice acoustic set including Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street?, an old favorite of mine.

He made a speech which inspired me to have hope. Yes hope. The point that stuck out in my mind was when he said over his 35 year career, (which I have been following for 30 of them), he’s focused on the expanse between the American promise and the reality of American life. Now that expanse has gotten much wider. He said he believes that with Obama’s life and his work, that Obama understands what that expanse is about and he’s throwing his support behind him to help fix it. He also called on everyone else to lend a hand too.

Celebrity endorsements mean zilch to me. I’m not fan of the celebrity culture, and one of the reasons I respect Bruce is that he’s never bought into it. His body of creative work focuses on the struggle of the middle class, has a keen perspective on it and passionately works to help feed the poor. His music is his soul, and he doesn’t use it to endorse products. I think his strong statement today to use his music to endorse Obama is for me, one that give me hope.

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