60 seat Democratic majority in the senate with Barack Obama in the White House would be a dream come true for most of us.  This might be part of the reason McCain decided to give up in Michigan, there isn’t a senate seat there up for grabs.  But here is the Head Line from UPI ->Polls: 60-seat Senate majority possible.

This has got to have the RNC scrathing their heads. So far after the VP debate there wasn’t any positive movement in the polls for McCain/Palin. Actually a slight increase for Obama/Biden and movement to the plus side for Democratic Senate Races.  Here is a look at the top 12 senate races according to Real Clear Politics,

Alaska:  Mark Begich (D) Ted Stevens (R) Begich leads by 48.3 to 44.8  and note that Stevens has been indicted,

A federal grand jury in Washington, D.C., indicted long-term U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens Tuesday on seven counts of filing false financial disclosures, each a felony charge that carries a penalty of five years in prison and an unspecified fine.

Colorado: Mark Udall (D) Bob Schaffer (R) Udall leads by 46.8 to 40.5  Bob Schaffer has a big problem as he is tied to Big Oil,

Schaffer, an oil-and-gas executive for the past several years, had nothing to say about soaring gas prices.

North Carolina: Kay Hagan (D) Elizabeth Dole (R) Hagan leads 44.3 to 43.5 and given North Carolina is generally a red state, Obama is leading there as well with a lead by 47.0 to 46.5.

Minnesota: Norm Coleman (R) Al Franken (D) Dean Barkley (I) Now RCP has Coleman up 43.5 to 41.3 to 13.3  There are so many polls that have this race with different leaders and no one is willing to state a clear number

More Below the FoldKentucy: Mitch McConnell (R) Bruce Lunsford (D) McConnell leads by 48.8 to 42.3 which is 6.5 points. Two weeks ago Mitch was up by 13 points and a month ago the spread was even larger.  This will depend on how happy the people of Kentucy feel about his part in the Bailout Rescue.

Oregon: Jeff Merkley (D) Gordon Smith (R) Merkley leads by 43.3 to 42.5  I don’t know much about this race, but if Radical Russ could add, I am sure he will.

New Mexico: Tom Udall (D) Steve Pearce (R) Udall leads 56.7 to 39.0  This seat was vacated by Pete Domenici. This race is going to change the make up of the house of represetatives as most sought this seat and had to give up their seats to run.

Virginia: Mark Warner (D) Jim Gilmore (R) Warner leads by 58.8 to 32.5  This is also an open seat as well, and Obama is leading there 49.0 to 46.6.  

New Hampshire: Jeanne Shaheen (D) John Sununu (R) Shaheen leads by 47.3 to 42.3 As we know New Hampshire is one of those batttle ground states, Obama has a lead by 48.4 to 42,8.

These last two have republicans in the lead.

Mississippi: Roger Wicker (R) Ronnie Musgrove (D) Wicker leads by 48.3 to 44.3  a very close race that has the potential for a swing. Remember this is one of the states that had a special election last spring where a Democratic candidate won which  was totally unexpected.

Maine: Susan Collins (R) Tom Allen (D) Collins leads 55.7 to 39.7  I wish Allen could win but it doesn’t look like it.  Louise could have more insight to this race.

Well the reason I went through the senate races in detail is most of these states are leaning towards Obama. And given the electoral layout McCain need to win most of these states.  Is the RNC going to try to save a few of these seats and have McCain/Palin do campaign stops to include the Republican Senators?  If McCain go all out Negative in these states were the Senate Races are tight could it piss off voters to effect down ticket races?

Almost every article I have read, the Folksy Joe-Six-Pack Winky performance by Sarah Palin turned most people off except for those who dream about sleeping with her.

Could this be a reason why they are sending Palin to Nebraska, to see if that Folksy garbage really works before they cut her loose in a battleground or swing state?  

Maybe, just maybe, people don’t want to see and hear attacks on the other Candidate. I am willing to bet that people want to hear about the future of the economy as it tanks and jobs asjob loss last month was over 159,000 for the month of September.




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