This is your country on Republicans.Well, I was all set to write a post about how Dubya’s approval rating in the latest CBS poll is now down to 22%, two points below Nixon’s when he resigned.

But then I noticed that two weeks ago, ARG had him at 19%, with 76% disapproval. Wow. Nixonian popularity is like an unattainable pipe dream for Dubya now. (Not that he’s worried, because the inevitable success of Iraq as a liberal democracy with several thriving space colonies will totally vindicate him in The Great Book Of History.)

If Obama and Biden can successfully tie the Dubyatross around the ancient mariner’s neck, and downticket Democrats can do the same to their opponents, they will be wildly successful.  Biden did a good job of this in Thursday’s debate, and they need to keep at it, reminding the American people every day that McCain and his fellow conservative cultists enabled Dubya’s legacy of failure.  Start using Bob Casey’s great "That’s not a maverick – that’s a sidekick" line, or variations thereof.

Make November 4th a referendum on the Bush administration, and 2006 will look like a love tap.