So the House "Leadership" is on TeeVee giving their self-congratulatory speeches after caving in once again to Preznit Laffer Curve and handing over a minimum of $700 Billion Dollars to Wall Street to pay for his deregulatory orgy of free marketeering.

The bill passed because the Republicans once again rolled the "Leadership" into enacting tax-cuts along with the legislation. I have not heard a word that they repealed Gramm-Leach-Bliley and reinstated Glass-Stegall, which would have marked the beginning of true reform; had they done that I doubt the republican caucus would have gone along with passage of this late-term abortion.

We are a nation in debt to virtually every country in the world that has the means to lend us money to finance our spending. Republicans (or as I call them "the Credit Card Conservatives™) have for years pushed the less-taxation mantra and agenda, but have not managed to stop spending on programs that are giveaways to their supporters and lobbyists to whose teats they are attached (and no, it’s not just republicans who fit into that category).

We have borrowed to finance the most expensive war in the history of our republic, we have stripped revenue from our government because republicans and blue-dog democrats have convinced Americans that the men and women who work in our government who are not members of the military or directly support the military are evil and should lose their jobs because they are supernumerary to our Republic.

The expression used so blithely by Governator GILF is "government is the problem", a quote direct from the Gipper’s Gravesite and perhaps the most direct expression of the contempt the republican party holds our for the government and the people who "man" it. Amazing.

The glad-handing glibness of the "Leadership" over giving in to the republicans and Beloved Glorious Leader makes me want to puke. I will be happy to ask for, even demand a tax-cut on the day the budget is balanced, the debt is paid and employment is a approaching 100%, but until then we all need to pay the freight for the crappy policies, lack of leadership and foresight that has been evident for eight years and even though I don’t make a ton of money I was willing to contribute my share to our government as the price of citizenship, now not so much… Nothing is free unless you’re a Republican, I guess.

Jo Fish

Jo Fish

Jo started blogging when the right-wingers started making utter, complete asses of themselves, which would be since around 2002 or so in their current incarnation as mind-sucking zombies.

A life-long Democrat and career DFH whose parents voted for all the Kennedys at one time or another, he still has an "RFK for President" banner in his garage from 1968.

Jo still flies airplanes for a major airline, and is proud of his safety record: his take-offs and landings are still equal in number. The cost of fuel may soon end that career, in which case he's planning to become a pan-handler or investment banker, whichever is more prestigious.