Nooner, who is still sore from the wingnut flogging she endured over telling the truth about Palin, writes today (emphasis mine):

I find obnoxious the political game in which if you expressed doubts about the vice presidential nominee, or criticized her, you were treated as if you were knocking the real America—small towns, sound values.

"It’s time that normal Joe Six-Pack American is finally represented in the position of vice presidency," Mrs. Palin told talk-show host Hugh Hewitt…

I’m not sure the McCain campaign is aware of it—it’s possible they are—but this is subtly divisive.

So true. This divisiveness has to stop.

American journalists still fear that, being called biased in favor of America. So do intellectuals, academics, local clever people who talk loudly in restaurants, and leftist mandarins of Washington, Los Angeles, New York, and other cities. For all cities have them.

But there was always another America, and boy has it endured. It just won a war. Its newest generation is rising, and its members are impressive.They came from a bigger America and a realer one–a healthy and vibrant place full of religious feeling and cultural energy and Bible study and garage bands and sports-love and mom-love and sophistication and normality. 

It is important who he is. George W. Bush is an American of the big and real America.

And there you have it.

Just like Kathleen Parker.

Blue Texan

Blue Texan