Via Marc Ambinder, Michigan’s Republicans are going to appeal directly to the hockey mom:

Subject: Dear Governor Palin from Chuck Yob

Governor Palin,

I saw your comments on Fox News today and described in the Detroit Free Press article below.  I wholeheartedly agree with you that the decision by the McCain campaign to pull out of Michigan was the wrong decision.

We have all been wrong at times, and I think this is a decision that will be corrected in a couple of weeks.  We were ahead three points as of a week ago according to MRG, a polling firm that I trust more than any national pollster.

I talked to Michigan Republicans and McCain supporters on a conference call last night and they vowed to redouble their efforts.  Indeed, there will still be a campaign for John McCain in Michigan whether it is sanctioned by the professionals in Washington DC or not.


I agree with what you said on Fox News today and I hereby invite you to come to Michigan immediately.  The good people of Macomb County, Northern Michigan, the Upper Peninsula, and Grand Rapids await your response.

Your Friend and Loyal Supporter of McCain-Palin 2008,

Chuck Yob
Michigan Co-Chairman
McCain-Palin 2008
Republican National Committee Member 1989-2008
Former Vice Chairman, Republican National Committee

At what point does Palin’s work cease supporting McCain’s 2008 campaign, and begin laying the groundwork for Palin’s own 2012 campaign? Because, first of all, Palin has the stamina to do far more events in a day than McCain. She can help the MI GOP raise money–something they desperately need. And in return, Palin would be building relationships she could call on in 2012.

Update: 2112 changed to 2012 throughout (I hope). That’s about the 12th time I’ve made that error. 2112 just looks right to me. 



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