Joe Biden on Gay Rights and the Drug War

So Joe Biden says he supports full recognition of the rights of same-sex couples, but doesn’t support redefining marriage to include those couples.

I’ll let y’all go to town with that one.  It seems obvious to me that Obama/Biden are supportive of LGBT and are pragmatic politicians who know what they must say to get elected and once in power will provide a much better government for LGBT people, even if they can’t come to call it “marriage”, and once they plop two or three new reasonable Supreme Court justices on the bench, the states can pass same-sex marriage, SCOTUS can rule it’s unconstitutional for states to deny that right, and it’s all a moot point by the end of their 2nd term.

So hold your nose if you must and vote Obama/Biden.  Gee whiz, I’m forced to vote for the guy, Biden, who is the very embodiment of the modern mandatory-minimums war on drugs.  I’ve got to hold my nose and close my eyes and hope his drug war stances have been political and not ideological and that Obama would steer the administration toward a more harm-reduction, public health method of coping with drugs.

Oh, by the way, 76% of all likely voters surveyed in a Zogby poll today said they believed the war on drugs is a failure, 89% among Obama supporters and even 61% among Republicans.  34% of Obama supporters thought legalizing some drugs might be an effective way of dealing with the drug war.  But nobody has talked about my pet issue for one sentence in almost two years of primary and general election campaigning.  What other issue has a 76% disapproval that is being ignored by the candidates?

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