This is hilarious. This made me laugh out loud.

You may recall that during last night’s debate Caribou Barbie kept invoking General "McClellan" as her source for her assertion that a surge strategy would work in Afghanistan. …. Funny, because the name of the NATO commander in Afganistan is "McKiernan. "

Should I skip over the part where Joe Biden points out that McKiernan never said any such thing? Yeah, you saw the debate too. 

Well, it seems this embarrassing little contratemps is still with us the next morning.

Pinko Magazine has just published an open letter from General McClellan to the pit bull with lipstick.

Please go read it. And pass it on.

Oh, and, SPEW ALERT!



In rugby, the looseheadprop is the player in the front row of the scrum, who has the ability to collapse the scrum, pretty much at will and without the referee knowing who did it.
While this can give the LHP's team a great tactical advantage, it also exposes scrum players from both teams to the dangers of catastrophic spinal cord injury.
Consequently, playing this position makes you understand your responsibility to put doing the right thing ahead of winning, and to think beyond your own wants and desires. It also makes you very law and order oriented.