Does anyone else notice a pattern?

Here’s how the debt has fared under Presidents of the past 30 years:

Jimmy Carter (D) -3.2%
Ronald Reagan (R) +11.3%
Ronald Reagan (R) +9.2%
George H. W. Bush (R) +13.1%
Bill Clinton (D) -0.6%
Bill Clinton (D) -8.2%
George W. Bush (R) +6.9%
George W. Bush (R) +3.9% projection

A clear pattern of increasing debt under Republicans and decreasing debt under Dems.

The debt has gone up $4 TRILLION under Bush/McCain — a 71.9% increase. Biggest increase in U.S. History. The bailout/rescue bill raises the National Debt Limit for the 7th time under Bush.

This massive, crippling debt is not exactly what the Bush Admin was selling to the American people. Check out this remarkable statement from Bush’s "Blueprint for New Beginnings" (Feb 2001):

Indeed, the President’s Budget pays down the debt so aggressively that it runs into an unusual problem—its annual surpluses begin to outstrip the amount of maturing debt starting in 2007.

Annual surpluses! That worked out real well.

So what’s McCain’s plan?

A dangerous government-wide spending freeze.

…he offered few details, other than to reiterate his call for a “one-year spending freeze on every agency of the federal government, excepting only national defense, the care of our veterans, and a few critical priorities.’’ He called it a spending “pause” when he first proposed it in April.

And, although independent fiscal analysts said that Mr. McCain’s tax cut proposals would make it virtually impossible to balance the budget even before the fiscal crisis hit and the bailout was proposed, he said, “I am committed to billions in spending reductions that will balance the budget, and get us on the path away from ruinous debt.”

The only question remains… Why do Republicans LOVE debt?