(Photo courtesy of Reuters)

Without girls like you,
There’d be no fun,
We’d go to the club and not see anyone.

Without girls like you,
There’s no nightlife,
All those men just go home to their wives.

Don’t be mad at me,
Cuz you’re pushing thirty,
And your old tricks no longer work.

You should have known from the jump,
That you always get dumped,
So dust off your fuck me pumps

– Amy Winehouse

Okay. I read the transcript, watched some excerpts, read some commentary and the conclusion I came to is that people thought Sarah Plain was cute and spunky and adorable… bit not necessarily Vice Presidential material. If she did anything last night, it was to salvage some of her reputation but that’s not going to get her and the "First Dude" out of Alaska unless it’s to star in a sitcom ( I Love Lucy meets The Beverly Hillbillies). I can’t speak for (or like) the folks in Flyoverstan but, as a West Coast Islamoelitist, I’m not particularly charmed by "you betcha’s" "doggone it’s" and the other "jes folks" expressions that dazzle people like David Broder when they go out on their Pulse of the Nation/Touch A Hillbilly walking tours. You say banana, I say canned corn.

And while Sarah Palin’s Momapalooza may continue to draw some crowds, she’s the David Blaine of middle class banality, last nights milk and cookies talk with America doesn’t look like a game changer and she’s not going to have the warm glow of Dick Cheney’s satanic foundry to keep her toasty when a chill wind comes roaring down from the north.



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