EW, I think you’ve made an excellent insightful post/point here!

The only thing I wish to add is that "credit" is due Rick Davis and Steve Schmidt of the McSame Campaign for hitting their demographic mark spot on.

Both in VP candidate selection and in VP candidate performance.

What demographic is that you ask?

Why the Bruce Willis Republican. The one with a Demi Moore Feminist as his 2nd or 3rd time around wife.

The demographic where Pole-dancing is considered a "highly-valued and highly-sought-after" occupation because it pays so much more than Wal-Mart.

And they always go to church on Sunday afterwards, and they don’t take all their clothes off anyways.

No, this is exactly the demographic the McSame campaign strategists wanted.

Not "low-information" voters, but "no-information" voters.

Then should we be surprised by MsBull…winkle’s come-ons?

No, both because her choice as VP candidate as well as her public performances was meant to not leave a dry lap…ooops…eye in the minds of their targeted voter audience.

Repug Base Targeting – 101.



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