Could it be…this? Poll: N.C. residents blame GOP for economic woes.  I only wish that more of my fellow Tar Heels would get with the program. This race shouldn’t even be close.

Nearly half of North Carolina residents blame the Republican Party for the nation’s economic crisis, according to a poll released Friday.

Elon University surveyed 477 people statewide this week and found that 47.7 percent felt the Republicans are more responsible for current economic problems, compared with 24.4 percent who blamed the Democrats. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.6 percentage points.

By a 43-to-33 percent margin, respondents said Democrats have done a better job of managing the economy than Republicans. The margin between Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama GOP candidate John McCain was much closer, with 44.2 percent saying Obama would handle the economy better and 41.8 percent favoring McCain’s economic plan.

I don’t see many McCain/Palin signs in Durham, but there are a lot of Obama signs and bumper stickers, Kate reports that McCain/Palin yard signs and bumper stickers are proliferating in parts of Raleigh.

We went to a local Mexican restaurant yesterday and they had 2 jars on the counter, one with a pic of McCain, the other Obama. Patrons were encouraged to put a bean (vote) in the preferred candidate jar, one per visit. As of yesterday, the Obama jar had double the beans than the McCain jar. I have no clue what that non-scientific poll means.

“North Carolina, following the national trend, is leaning Democrat for president. Should this pattern prevail, the result would be a startling change in state presidential politics for more than one reason,” Hunter Bacot, director of the Elon University poll, said in a statement. “Not only have the Democrats failed to win North Carolina in over 30 years, such a victory would mark a major milestone for the black community here and throughout the South.”

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding