Since we returned from our trip I haven’t had much time with the boys after picking them up from "The Spa" (our vet where we board them) so all the pictures are outtakes from some other time, including Fenway developing his snotty teenager look (notice the chewed end on the pillow that was like that when he got there. Honest.), Fenway destroying Beckham’s bowl, and Beckham prowling the dog park.

The stay at the vets was Fenway’s first sleep-over and I think he was expressing his displeasure when he peed all over our bed Monday night causing  the po’d (heh…get it?) and very tired mrs tbogg to head upstairs to sleep on one of the  couchs.  After an evening of invigorating yet ultimately exhausting blogging (you try reading all the shit I go through each night) I ended sleeping on… Fenway’s bed, which is the the big shearing one upon which I spent many nights sleeping with Satchmo during his last days. Beckham joined me there and it was like old times.

Now here’s your dogs:





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