Recently, the right wing has been attacking Democrats and the Community Reinvestment Act for causing the current financial crisis. There are two videos that have recently been launched on YouTube to promote their views. These cannot go unanswered.

The first is called "Shocking Video Unearthed Democrats in their own words Covering up the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Scam that caused our Economic Crisis".

Democrats in their own words Covering up the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Scam that caused our Economic Crisis.

At a 2004 hearing see Democrat after Democrat covering up and attacking the regulations to protect Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (their Cash Cows) that are now destroying our economy because the Democrats let them cheat.

The implication here is that even though Republicans did nothing to change oversight of Fannie and Freddie during the years they were in charge both houses of congress and the white house, the Democrats shoulder most of the blame.

The second video is called "The Housing And Financial Crisis – We Are On The Edge Of Economic Collapse Because Of Government Social Engineering"

A short history of how we got to this point. In short, liberal policies are the cause of the problem, starting with the Community Revitalization Act, creating the sub-prime market. The government forced lenders to lend to people who were not qualified to own a home, and it’s up to us conservatives to finally stand up like men and women and speak out.

Notice the new conservative buzzword "Social Engineering". Coming up with terms like this is another thing that the right wing hate machine has also done well.

Viral mash-up videos like these are one part of the Internet where the irrational right wing attack dogs excel. Liberals are good at using words. Conservatives do better with pictures. Liberals tend to get their information by reading and reasoning. Conservatives would rather be told what to think. That’s why conservative talk radio and Fox News has done so well. Cerebral soliloquies don’t register with them.

The problem with explaining how we got here is that it’s complicated and therefore simple explanations are impossible to make, but somehow we need to be able to debunk falsehoods like this in ways the conservatives can understand. There is a ton of information all over the Internet disputing these claims, but it’s impossible to wade through them all and put together all the necessary facts in short, easy to understand cave drawings for the neanderthals who sell these "crap sandwiches".

This is our challenge, I think, and right now I’m trying to come up with some answers so any help would be appreciated. I’m looking for links that may debunk the actual videos or pull all the information needed to do so in a few shorts sentences.

But then again, maybe it’s useless to even try. One thing I have noticed is that the Republicans will never, ever take responsibility for anything and any admission of partial responsibility by Democrats is like chumming in shark infested waters. Sometimes I think maybe there comes a point when we just need to realize that it’s impossible to reason with the unreasonable and that facts are empty for those who don’t care about the truth.