I thought the Haley Barbour quote about Palin was beyond belief, but now we have an unnamed strategist (and you’ll see why), who told Faux News’ Chris Wallace the latest pre-excuse for any Palin flubs tonight — it’s about personality; she can be dumb as a rock and just wow the crowd.

Over on Fox News, Chris Wallace was relaying a conversation with a McCain “strategist” in which the metrics for debate success were once again defined in strictly personal terms.

They say they want to show that she is plain spoken, that she relates to Joe Six-Pack and embrace the contrast her to a smooth-talking Washington insider like Joe Biden,” Wallace reported. “I said: ‘But what if she does not know some of the answer to something?’ They said, ‘Look, she should not be embarrassed by that. She should say ‘I’m not a Washington insider. I’m going to learn about that but I was a reformer in Alaska and I shook things up.'”

Holy sh*t. And she’s supposes to be one heartbeat away from the presidency? My the bar is below sea level now. Speaking of holy, Holy Joe is down with this spin as well — on the record with Andrea Mitchell:

“She’s not lived in the world of Washington, so she doesn’t know every detail of all the questions senators deal with,” Lieberman told NBC’s Andrea Mitchell. “But, frankly, that’s her strength. I think that’s why a lot of regular people out across America think she’s going to be their voice.”

Mitchell interjected, “Senator, she wants to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. You know, that doesn’t mean just being an average mom, it means bringing other skills.”

But Lieberman stayed on the point, stating later, “I think tonight is not a kind of final college exam. I think the point is who is she as a person… Whether she can answer every detailed question, I don’t think that ultimately matters to the American people so long as they think she passes those other personal thresholds.”

I’ve heard of lowering expectations, but damn. They didn’t even go this far when trying to lower them for GWB.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding