I was driving home last night, looking for a sports station to get a score of the Cubs/Dodgers game, when I came across a new show on one of the local radio stations called "Baseball This Week." It was the premiere of this particular show, and the two hosts were introducing themselves.

The first guy said,"I do all kinds of sports stuff around the station, but I absolutely love baseball. I mean, I have to do other sports, I have to do NASCAR, but I’m about as qualified to talk about NASCAR as Sarah Palin is to talk about Uzbekistan. But baseball? That’s my game. . ." The other guy chuckled, and went into his intro piece.

It didn’t need a set up. It didn’t need an explanation. It wasn’t Saturday Night Live or The Daily Show or Countdown. It wasn’t the main point, but the image to make the point about something else. It was a simple metaphor on a sports station for a guy giving his own background, or rather, the lack thereof.

And it was great.



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