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It’s Never too Late for Change

UPDATE: I'm bumping this up. I have never done that with a post before, but I am making it a personal mission to help promote this virally. I think this person could be a role model for other seniors, perhaps encouraging them to get out the vote if they felt uninspired to do so. Thanks! J


Earlier today, Pam posted a diary about McCain and how he is losing favor with the senior population.

Yesterday I had lunch with a new colleague. We are both in digital media marketing, and he is an amazing grassroots marketer. He is also an Obama supporter. 

He recently interviewed Lillian, his 99-year-old grandmother, about her political views. First of all, she is still sharp as a tack. She was so smart as a child she skipped two grades…then at age 13 she had to drop out of school to earn money for her family. 

At 87, she suffered a heart attack and nearly died. But after surviving against the odds, she enrolled in university. While she was earning her bachelors degree, she began writing books, publishing her first one at age 90. She has written four in total, about one every two years.

She is an Obama supporter. In the video below, she tells you why. My friend has set up a site called It's Never Too Late for Change. His goal is to use grassroots efforts to get Obama elected…and his personal goal is for his grandmother to get a “Happy 100th Birthday” message from PRESIDENT Obama in early spring, 2009.

Please pass this along. It's inspiring.

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Julien Sharp

Julien Sharp