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How Much Stupider Must Joe Biden Feel Tonight?

For Joe’s sake, I hope Wasillanitis is not contagious. I watched the IQ points just drain off the stage after exposure to The Thrilla.

Maybe Jill stocked up on ginkgo biloba or something for him to take right after the debate. I know I would have felt punch-drunk after an hour-and-a-half of exposure to that level of Teh Stupid. The sprinkle of Teh Perky didn’t make it any more savory, either.

Have you seen a more complete set of debate talking points collected in one ninety-minute presentation than those exhibited by Governor Palin tonight? "Maverick," "straight-talk," "small-town," "family values," "reformer," there ya go, Joe," "David Petraeus" and "so."

But — I bet John McCain’s had a DVD burned already for his personal viewing pleasure at the front of the plane already; for the flights Cindy’s not on anyhow. Man’s got a heavy-duty cadet crush on his running-mate, twisty-wedding-ring style.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge