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Debate Comments Wrap-Up


First, an overall impression: Biden came across as very gracious, statesmanlike, and poised.  Palin seemed overly precious and flirty and unprofessional, and overplayed her narrative of "I’m just a simple middle-class girl, I’m not like these Washington politicians, the American people want straight talk." She came across as overly smug and a bit phony.

And now, the comments!

Hmmm: She’s swallowing hard. She’s scared.


Eureka Springs: If CNN’s little Ohio toggle lines are any indication, both men and women are far more approving of Biden… throughout most of the debate so far.

watertiger: words aside, look at her nonverbal cues. She’s doing the Jennifer
Wilbanks/Runaway Bride thing.

Strung. Out.

ThingsComeUndone: Joe mentions Spain Sarah got scared eyes bulged out I think she was told to avoid that topic it must not have tested well. Maybe anything that suggests McCain is Senile she was told to avoid.

Hugh: I’m a big supporter of Israel.
Well, I’m an even bigger supporter of Israel.
I’m a super duper supporter of Israel.
Well, I’m a super ruper duper supporter of Israel.

The closest thing to a meaningful exchange this evening.

eCAHNomics: Oooh, she said maverick again. Palinbingo players take note.

Millineryman: I actually feel bad for Joe. Could you imagine being on the stage and having to answer to constant gibberish?

JimWhite: VP doesn’t preside over the Senate. FAIL.

RevDeb: squid ink on the 4th branch.

MrsK8: She dives headlong into a sentence, no matter how murky the deep end is.

UPDATE: The transcript from CNN

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