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Biden-Palin Match, Round 6


10:31 Palin: the MSM has been filtering me. She just pulled out Cindy’s I’ve always been proud line. Does whoever prepped her really think anyone believes that she actually says "I shall do the same"? (Julia)

10:30 He just totally wrongfooted her on questioning the motives of opponents. Guess that sort of short-circuits the answer she had planned. She’s back on diversity. Oh, and infastucture. (Julia)

10:29  Coming to the close, she still seems out of her depth next to Biden.  But no train wreck for her.  En result:  dynamic of the race remains unchanged, as expected.  She’s piling on the bitter on the press to excuse her recent tran wrecks.  (Pach)

10:29 She keeps harping on how she hired people from both parties.  Somehow I’m not buying it. (Eli)

10:27 Biden saying he’s respected because ever since his first term, he’s never questioned anyone’s motives, just their judgment. (Eli)

10:23 He just out heart-tugged her with the single parent, child who’s not going to make it comment. She’s screwed. She’s babbling about mavericity. Wow. Trainwreck.  Also, Giuliani, Romney, McCain and Palin are diversely partisan? Dude. (Julia)

10:23  Biden:  McCain hasn’t been a maverick on anythhing that mattered.  — list a dozen items where he’s failed.  Great answer.  Strongest of the night. (Scarecrow)

10:21  OK, Palin has jumped the shark on the Maverick thing. (Blue Texan)

10:21  I think I love Joe Biden right now.  That moment of getting choked up about his kids and family accident, and what Americans are facing today?  Gut wrenching.  And Palin?  She’s babbling after it…just babbling.  (Christy)

10:21  Most human moment of the night, Biden talking about his child’s almost death.   I bet that went over well.  (Pach)

10:11 Wow, she just used "There you go again."

10:12 Is it just me, or is it bad form to wink in the middle of a political debate?

10:12 Uh-oh, Palin’s complete-sentence machine is breaking down.  I guess no-one prepped her for education questions.

10:13 No, I totally know what a vice president does!  Really!  And they should have more power and do stuff with the Senate!

10:15 Biden giving a very clear response to the question of what he would do as vice president – basically spearhead legislation and generally be in the room and give counsel.  Sounds kinda like a bench coach in baseball.

10:16 Palin babbling incoherently about what kind of authority she would have as VP.  She talked in circles and I have no idea what she just said, and I’m sure she doesn’t either.

10:17 Biden calls Cheney’s Fourth Branch concept "bizarre."

10:18 Palin says she’s tied in to the heartland of America because she’s totally been there with struggling Americans.  Says that unapologetic exceptionalism is a good thing.

10:20 Biden pointing to his record of accomplishment, and that he knows what it’s like to be a financially struggling single parent.  Choking up a little talking about his kids and not knowing whether they’re going to make it.

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