(It’s still not a girlie image, thanks to Swopa.)

9:51: JB just had a brilliant response: he attacked Palin’s error–suggesting that Ahmedinejad was in charge of the security apparatus–by correcting McCain. It was a great way to tell her she’s dead wrong and unfortunate for her, parroting McCain’s stupid talking points.

9:52: SP We will never allow a second holocaust. Building our embassy in Jerusalem. [Yup. AIPAC has had some quality time with her.]

9:53: JB No one in the US Senate has been a better friend of Israel than Joe Biden. I would never have joined this ticket if I wasn’t sure that Obama supported Israel. This Administration’s policy has been an abject failure. Elections: we said big mistake. Hamas would win. Hamas won.  The fact of the matter is the policy of this administration has been an abject failure. The only thing on the march is Iran. We will change this policy with thoughtful real live diplomacy.

9:54: SP No, this Administration’s policy is not an abject failure. There will be a time when it is time to stop looking back. There’s just too much time looking backward to think you’re going forward.

[Biden needs to smile here.]

9:55 JB Past is prologue. How is John McCain’s policy going to be different than George Bush’s? We will make significant change so once again we’re respected in the world. 

9:56 GI Is there a trigger for use of nuclear weapons?

9:58 SP Sanctions on Kim Jong Il. Time for a surge in Afghanistan. [Um, I guess she missed Mackiernan today.]

9:58 JB Facts matter. Our commanding General in Afghanistan said today surge principle in Iraq will not work in Afghanistan. He said we need more troops. We need government building. We have spent more money in three weeks in combat in Iraq than the entirety in the last 7 years in Afghanistan. With regards to arms control and weapons. Require a nuclear arms control regime. McCain voted against test ban treaty that every other Republican has supported. Let me put it another way. Barack Obama, reached across the aisle, put together piece of legislation that was serious and real. Of the two I named, John McCain has been opposed.

9:59 Palin just flat out lies – can’t help herself. (Siun)

10:00 [SP got the name of the general wrong–named him McClellan.] Surge can work in Afghanistan. Leaders advising George Bush have not said any different.

10:01: GI You’ve been an interventionist. Does the American public have the stomach for it?

10:02: JB The American public has the stomach for success. I was the first to suggest putting troops in. John McCain opposed it at first. 

[Apparently that reference to the non-surge in Afghanistan is our own Spencer’s scoop. Go Spencer!!]

10:03 JB We can take a stand in Darfur if we take a hard line. Stop this genocide.

10:03:  She’s ridiculing Biden, with that gosh darn, we outside D.C. like straight talk BS.   (Scarecrow)

10:03: SP So obvious that I’m an outsider, you voted for the war, and now you’re saying you’re against it. It was a war resolution. You had supported John McCain’s strategy until this race. We called for divestment in Sudan. That legislation hasn’t passed yet. All of us should do all we can to end those atrocities.

10:05: GI Is there a line that should be drawn?

10:05: JB Absolutely. First, do we have the capacity. John McCain’s strategy in this war–not just to go, but the conduct in this war, has been wrong from the outset. 

10:06: SP You can say what you want to say, but I beg to disagree with you. John McCain who knows how to win a war. He will know who to implement the strategies. He’ll know how to win a war.

10:07: GI Heartbelt away. You disagree from your principles. How would it be different from an Obama Administration?

10:08: JB I would carry out Obama’s policies. [talks about middle class policies] A foreign policy that ends this war in Iraq. Get and capture or kill bin Laden. Eliminate AQ. Engage our allies. Reject Bush doctrine. [Ha!! What’s that Sarah???] Most important election since 1932. I would follow through–I agree with every major issue he has suggested.

10:09: SP As for disagreeing.We don’t agree on everything. I’m going to keep pushing him on ANWR. I would continue the good work he is committed to. 



Marcy Wheeler aka Emptywheel is an American journalist whose reporting specializes in security and civil liberties.