Not sure if this is going to work, but my comments will be in chronological order with non-bold timestamps, and the liveblogging comments after posting will be in reverse order with bold timestamps.

10:10 Biden has been a total class act throughout.  Very impressive performance.   The only reason Palin’s performance can’t be panned is if pundits apply two different standards — as in all she had to do was speak in complete sentences. (Scarecrow)

10:09 It’s okay if McCain and I disagree, because we’re both MAVERICKS, and that’s what MAVERICKS do! (Eli)

10:08 Palin: In the morning, pundits are going to start checking who said what. My kid: No, they’re at it already. (Julia)

10:07 Biden answers the questions; she goes through her talking points.  Will anyone notice? (Scarecrow)

10:06 Biden points out that McCain’s stance on the war and its strategy has been in lockstep with Bush’s.  Palin says John McCain knows how to win a war – I wonder what she bases that on. (Eli)

10:04  Palin scores points on Biden’s AUMF bullshit  (Pach)

10:03 Oh, golly gee whiz, I’m just a simple girl and you DC politicians are just such dishonest flip-floppers! (Eli)

10:01 Sully sez: "Palin’s soundbites on this sound alarmingly like George W. Bush." (Blue Texan)

10:00 Jayzuz, she sounds pissed!  No wonder Crazy John McCain picked her.  Though I bet that really turns the wingnuts on (oooh, I’ve been a baaad boy, spank me, Mommy!) (Pach) 

10:00 Ooh, Sarah trying to rebut on Afghanistan.  The Surge strategy could totally work in Afghanistan if, uh, conditions and stuff. (Eli)

9:59 Palin just flat out lies – can’t help herself. (Siun)

9:58  Man, is it me, or is Palin coming off like she’d like to hit Biden?  The surge speech she gave sounded really angry.  (Pach)

9:57 Obama shouldn’t point out that we’re blowing up civilians in Afghanistan.  It’s very hurtful! (Eli)

9:56 Nuclear weapons are like, totally the be all end all. (Blue Texan)

9:54 Palin just sounded really sarcastic and snarky on the "we both love Israel" thing.  Mean Palin is coming out.  I don’t think it’s working well here the way it did during her acceptance speech.  (Pach)

9:38 Palin went around in so many circles and double negatives that I’m not entirely sure whether she came out in favor of or against gay marriage, and now I have a headache.

9:40 Palin accusing Obama of voting against the troops, praises Biden for opposing him on it.

9:41 Palin: We are soooo close to winning in Iraq, it would be a shame to leave now!

9:42 Biden pointing out that Bush is following Obama’s plan, and McCain is the only one not on the peace & withdrawal train.

9:42 Palin just called Biden a surrender monkey, says Obama won’t admit that Teh Surge is a magnificent success.  Seems to be getting a bit angry about it.

9:43 Biden coming off very good-natured as he laughs off Palin’s snide little digs.

9:44 Biden pointing out that McCain voted against the troops, because the MRAPS amendment had a timeline.

9:45 Biden saying a nuclear Iran would be bad, but a nuclear Pakistan is what we actually have right now.  But our biggest threat is still the terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

9:47 Palin invoking Petraeus and bin Laden as proof that Iraq is the central front in the war on terror.


9:49 They hate us for our freeeedoms!

9:50 Good, Biden pointing out that Admadinejad doesn’t actually control squat in Iran.

9:53 Biden pointing out that he and Obama warned against elections in Gaza, and Hamas won and became legitimized.  "The policy of this administration has been an abject failure."  Needs to tie that to McCain a little more closely – he’s not running against Bush.