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Biden-Palin Match, Round 3


9:22: Biden mispronounces "characterize."

("Bidencuda" from twolf.)

9:23: SP: John McCain doesn’t say one thing to one group and another thing to another group. I don’t want to answer a health care question. I want to answer an energy question. I took on the oil companies. So I’m just pretending that we’re not going to give tax breaks to big oil. Barack Obama voted for that energy plan. I had to undo in my own area of expertise.

9:24: GI: There’s nothing you would take off the table?

9:24 Shorter Palin: Obama’s in the tank for Big Oil. (Blue Texan)

9:25: SP: Well, since I’ve only been at this for 5 weeks, I don’t have to take anything off the table.

9:25: JB: Obama voted for alternative energy. Obama voted to eliminate them, John did not. Why is he adding to his budget 4 billion in tax cuts for the Exxon-Mobils of the world. I agree with the governor, she imposed a windfall tax. McCain will not support a windfall tax. 

9:25: "Dawgone it, I think I’m just so cutesy that I can stand here and lie to your face and smile while I do it, and I actually believe that’s what you want in a VP." (Scarecrow)

9:25 Now he’s not Barack any more. He’s Obama. She’s the scourge of oil companies. We’re not going to give tax breaks to huge corporations any more. Which Obama is responsible for. As opposed to a generation of Republican oil men. A legion of energy lobbyists just had a stroke. Also, she hasn’t broken any promises because she’s only
been at this for five weeks. Reassuring. (Julia)

9:28: GI: Would you support bankruptcy?

9:28 SP: Yes, I would have. But things have changed in the last few weeks.

9:28: GI: Biden, you supported bankruptcy, Obama did not.

9:28: JB: Well, yeah, I did. But I don’t think mortgage holders have been hurt. (Or some such trash.) We should be allowing bankruptcy courts to adjust interest, but also principle. John McCain, I believe, and the governor don’t support that. There are ways to help that aren’t being supported by the Bush Administration and McCain.

9:29: SP That is not so. But rather than proving to you it’s not, I’m going to talk about my one topic: energy. We should just drill baby drill. Let us tap into our oil. I’m gonna keep insisting we’re not giving oil companies tax breaks.

9:28 Folks here can’t figure out what Sarah just said – she’s running out of talking points to repeat. (Siun)

9:29 Hey, mortgage bankers rear their heads just like Putin does (Julia)

9:31: GI Climate change?

9:31: SP I’m not one to attribute every activity of man to the warming (or some such gibberish). I don’t want to argue about the causes. How are we going to affect the impacts. We’ve got to clean up the planet. All of the above. And conserving fuel. But didn’t I just say dril drill drill?

9:32: JB: Climate crisis is man made. If you don’t understand what the cause it, it’s virtually impossible to come up with a solution. 3% of the world’s reserves. WE consume 25% of the world’s oil. John McCain has voted a billion times against alternative energy. We can create jobs and export it. China burning dirty coal. Export the technology. [Note, someone got to Biden and reminded him the ticket supports clean coal.] All they say is drill drill drill. Drill we must.

9:33  The other underexamined dynamic here is the opportunity for the wider public to see Biden stand up under a situation like this, to close the sale on his own potential presidential bona fides.  I think when all is said and done, that’s going to be something people take away form this, the lower information types.  Palin’s vocal tone rising, rate of speech getting faster.  Nerves?  NOO-Kyoo-ler!  (Pach)

9:34: GI Caps on emissions.

9:34: SP The chant is "drill baby drill." (Correcting Biden on the asinine line, nice).

9:36: JB Why did John vote 20 times against funding alternative energy?

9:38: GI Do you support same sex couples benefits. No difference from Constitutional standpoint between same sex and heterosexual. Hospital benes, life insurance. [No mention of citizenship rights.]

9:39: SP No expansion if it goes closer to traditional definition of marriage. If any suggestion that I would be anything but tolerant of adults choosing relationships they choose best for themselves. I have dear friends who don’t agree with me on that issue. McCain Palin wouldn’t prohibit visitation in hospital. Non-support of anything but traditional definition of marriage.

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