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Over at Townhall (The Clown Car of Conservative Punditry™) Carol Platt Liebeau attempts to mitigate the damage that Sarah Plain’s mouth keeps doing to Sarah Plain’s political prospects:

The chattering classes at The Washington Post and The New York Times are aghast — aghast! — that Sarah Palin can’t name another Supreme Court decision with which she disagrees.

Puhleeze. Neither can any normal American, i.e., one that is neither a lawyer nor a political junkie. Once again, the MSM is showing the distance between what it considers to be the sine qua non of politics, and what normal people believe matters in an elected leader (i.e., her common sense and judgment). My bet is that this will sway the electorate . . . not one bit.


All the MSM dismay about Governor Palin’s supposed ignorance springs, in large part, from the fact that Sarah Palin is, in many way, the antithesis of their darling, Barack Obama. He is a man of talk, she is a woman of action. He can reel off facts and figures with the ease of an Ivy League professor — it’s not his glibness that alarms, it’s his instincts and his judgment (the kind that would find moral equivalence between Georgia and Russia, or deem Rev. Wright’s virulently anti-American sermons to be A-OK).

Given her experience as a Governor of Alaska, she isn’t necessarily going to be prepared to pontificate on all matters great and small, a la Obama. But she has good values, good instincts and solid life experience.

Unfortunately the readership at Townhall (at least the ones with opposable thumbs) are having none of it:

angel66 writes: Wednesday, October, 01, 2008 10:40 PM
like ohmigod!
"Neither can any normal American, i.e., one that is neither a lawyer nor a political junkie."

I don’t expect my presidents to be "normal" and uniformed about the people they may be putting on the Supreme Court.

I’ve never read a more pathetic excuse for a VP’s ignorance. The GOP is in the midst of mass pathological delusions. Which is represented in McCain’s tanking numbers. Free Sarah!

melissa writes: Wednesday, October, 01, 2008 11:05 PM
dumbing down repulicans
it is ok to admit that she once agian made herself look bad. it is not ok to excuse it and to say it is b/c she is "normal." truly PATHETIC. i promise it does not make you a bad repulican, it makes you a smart american.
my2centsplus writes: Wednesday, October, 01, 2008 11:52 PM
I dont know.
My hubby and I had this very discussion tonight. Do I want average in a president, or someone scarey-smart?

I’ll go with scarey-smart over average anyday.

Jim writes: Thursday, October, 02, 2008 12:03 AM
It’s either narcissism, ignorance, or agenda that keeps people sticking up for her. I’d personally be scared as hell if someone like me was a heartbeat away from a geriatric president.

If we wanted Joe Six-Pack we would have a lottery to see who was president.

The ratings would be boffo.

animalgirl  writes: Thursday, October, 02, 2008 12:04 AM
Your kidding me
We don’t want our president or vice-president to know any more than the average person???


I consider myself relatively intelligent and well-informed, but I definitely want a president who is smarter than me.

Have you been to the DMV lately? Are you really saying that all of those people in line with you could run the country?

But I disagree with Liebau on both points. Not only do I think our president should be above avergaem I also don’t think average is quite as stupid as Liebau says.

I disagree with Liebau. I think many well-informed people would know, even if they didn’t know the case names, that the court just granted the right of habeus corpus to Guantanamo detainees. I think many informed Americans know that the court just established, on a SCOTUS level, that the 2nd amendment does protect a personal right to bear arms. I think many typical Americans know about the Kelo decision, about Lawrence v. Texas, and of course, Bush v. Gore.

Stop calling us stupid, Liebau.

Well, to be fair, you are reading Townhall….

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