Oh, snap. This is the harshest review yet of McCain’s selection of Bible Spice. Virginia Governor  (and Obama supporter) Tim Kaine (Raising Kaine):

I think the choice of Governor Palin is a much more interesting choice insofar as what it says about John McCain…I know, without going into it too much, I know how seriously Senator Obama took the choice of who would be his Vice President. And the #1 criterion was somebody has to be ready to step in and be president if anything happens to me, that was the way he would phrase it. And it was incredibly thorough, incredibly professional, it was painfully thorough, with a lot of personal involvement by the candidate himself.

My sense from everything I’ve read about Senator McCain’s choice, he approached it very differently. He had met Governor Palin once in a large group, had a phone call with her the week before, then asked her to Arizona to offer her the job. I think most people would take hiring someone for a summer job more seriously than Senator McCain took the choice of Governor Palin. Clearly, he didn’t really know her. When I saw him announce her as his choice, he was having to read her resume, he couldn’t talk about her from personal knowledge. And I just think that is a very bizarre way to make a decision about who would be second in command at these very difficult times. That is a character trait of Senator McCain’s and he approached it very differently than Senator Obama did.

You can listen to Kaine’s comments from the WTOP’s “Ask the Governor” program.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding